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We are always looking to add new recreational and travel soccer clubs to  If interested in adding your club please contact us at

If a soccer club is not listed in the area of interest, please let us know and we will find what is available in those areas.  


Supplemental Tryouts for Spring 2020

  • Locomotive 
  • FC 42
  • Club Ohio Gahanna
  • Grove City

About this website


Putting kids in travel soccer is overwhelming.  A parent starts asking themselves questions like, is my child ready for travel soccer, which travel soccer program should  put them in and which clubs are available my area.  This website is for those parents.

This website breaks down central Ohio in different areas.  Then in each area the website shows the travel soccer clubs in that part of Columbus, OH.  

See menu for Recreational and Winter soccer league offerings. 

I hope this website is found to be beneficial for you.


About: Northwest FC

Fields: Spindler Fields

Fees: 2019 - 2020

Tryouts: 2019 - 2020


About: Olimpia USA

Fields: Franks Park

Fees: not listed

Tryouts: 2019 - 2020


About: Santos Futbol Club

Fields: See Link

Fees: not listed

Highlights: Indoor Soccer Facility

Tryouts: Santos FC / FC Columbus

Coming Summer of 2019


Santos Futbol Club will be rebranding as FC Columbus starting with tryouts summer of 2019 and compete as FC Columbus fall of 2019.

Tryouts Summer of 2019 Supporters


Interested in adding your soccer club, please contact us.


About Us

The website was created to become a travel soccer parent's resource in determining the soccer clubs that are available in each region. 

The website is not affiliated wth any soccer club,  it is for resource only.